Matthias Ziegler

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Travel through Japan
Lukas Kos for Max Joseph
SOS Kinderdorf - Kathmandu
BMW Magazine
Best Fashion
Werner Herzog for SZ Magazin
Greenpeace - Kenia Desert Food
Selected Portraits
Barack Obama for Spiegel
Vogue Fendi
Vogue - Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt and Shahzia Sikanter
Herman de Vries for Anzinger & Rasp
Oksana Lyniv for Max Joseph
Margot Käßmann for SZ Magazin
National Geographic - Heinrich von Pezold
SZ Magazin - Am Anfang und am Ende
Greenpeace Magazin - Kaza National Park
National Geographic - Elbe
Guter Stiel - Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin
Chanel Fashion Show for AD Magazin
GEO Magazine - Male Circumcision
Ising Family for The Weekender
Audi United
Greenpeace Magazin - Das globale Huhn
Sabriye Tenberken for Vogue
Greenpeace Magazin - Reporter ohne Grenzen
Unicef 2014 Ethiopia
Louis Sarno for Newsweek
»Ich glaub, das steht irgendwo im Koran« for SZ Magazin
Mario Vargas Llosa for AD Magazine
Reportage Story "Es werde Licht" for SZ Magazin
Monopol München Designer Special
Louis Sarno for Zeit Magazin
Lars Eidinger for Tush Magazine
Ai Weiwei for Vogue
Tirol Sightseeing Campaign
Bobby Dekeyser for Vogue
Portrait Story of Stella Deepjen for Vogue
Designers Kram/ Weisshaar
Ethiopia for Vogue
Prof. Yunus for L'Uomo Vogue
HW Design Art Project
Strellson Campaign
Strellson Magazine
Skin for AWR
Deutsche Bank Business Report 2014
Deutsche Bank Corporate Social Responsibility Reports 2009-2010
Deutsche Bank Business Report
Fresenius Medical Care Business Report
Bayrische Staatsforsten
Egon Zehnder - Bertrand Piccard und Ulrich Spiesshofer
Egon Zehnder - Heiner Geißler und Friedrich von Metzler
HW Design
Deutsche Bank Geschäftsbericht

Born in 1964 with a curious and sensitive eye for people, Matthias thoroughly learned his trade at Bayerische Lehranstalt fuer Fotografie in Munich.
Ever since he graduated in 1990, his reportages sent him travelling around the world. The results of these trips have been highly acclaimed, exhibited throughout Germany & Europe and awarded several times.
Matthias works for renowned publications such as STERN, SPIEGEL, Die ZEIT, SZ Magazin, Geo, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Greenpeace, GQ USA, etc.
His commissioned photography includes clients such as Bayerische Staatsforsten, Strellson Fashion, Fresenius Medical Care, Deutsche Bank, Egon Zehnder International, Ernst & Young & Thyssen Krupp.
Matthias lives in Munich and works everywhere.
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