Erik Wahlström

Born 1985 in Stockholm

With an ability to capture the simple, uncomplicated elegance of life, Swedish architect turned photographer Erik Wahlström lends his inquisitive eye to the world around him. Through his composition, Wahlström helps the unassuming evolve into something sumptuous and delicate. And while his Nordic sensibility is often expressed through a love of light and muted colour palette, he also expertly deploys colour – albeit with minimalism. There’s a tangible, sensual quality to his images which speaks to his affection for the subject matter, whether these are of flowers, family, dogs, food, landscapes or rooms. In his still life photography, Wahlström is adept at taking everyday scenes and infusing them with a warm lit, atmospheric presence and a sense of dignity. Wahlström lives in Stockholm and counts ARKET, IKEA, &other stories, Monki, Nowness, Our Legacy, Bon Magazine and Apartamento as clients among others.