Julia Sellmann

The immediacy and honesty of Julia Sellmann’s portraiture speaks for itself. Whether it’s an individual quirk, a twinkle in the eye or an unguarded look, Julia charms her subjects and opens up space for them to be themselves.
Growing up in a small German village, the photographer grew her craft from a natural curiosity and lifelong fascination with people. Now based between Cologne and Berlin, and shooting for Die Zeit, The Atlantic, SZ Magazine and T Magazine – New York Times, Julia uses her camera to step outside her comfort zone and look inside other’s lives.
Her approach is one of tenderness and openness; Julia follows her instincts, inviting her subjects to take off their masks. Welcoming chaos into her carefully researched photoshoots, she has an ability for observing a hand gesture, the casting of a shadow or a playful expression that touches something inside the viewer. Here, the spontaneous beauty of the human being is plain to see.