Soothing Shade is a Berlin based photography agency with a carefully curated roster of diverse photographers and illustrators.

The agency’s outward facing international perspective speaks to founder Tatjana Bilger’s 20 years of experience across every element of image-making, having worked as an art-buyer and in production in London, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Soothing Shade takes a subtle yet forward-thinking aesthetic that is driven by a finely tuned instinct for authenticity. The agency’s output brings together portraiture and reportage with still life and beyond. Taking a hands-on approach, Soothing Shade addresses each artist and client individually. This ensures high quality work that is given time to develop to its fullest potential.

Soothing Shade’s mandate is to intuitively guide artists’ individual and commercial work, by giving them opportunities to step outside their comfort zone in order to create highly original images for new audiences.

We look forward to your next visit.