Matthias Ziegler

Matthias’s reportage work highlights his sensitivity for conveying the atmosphere of the places he experiences. He deliberately pairs many of his images together, offering viewers the opportunity to tell their own stories, and he freely shares his own subjective experience. Matthias has a unique ability to draw attention to the overlooked, with a curiosity that allows what is obscured to tell as much as what is exposed. Portrait subjects have their eyes closed or gaze off camera, caught in moments that feel deeply personal. In his reportage which journeys from Haiti to Ethiopia and beyond, epic landscape imagery juxtaposes against the oft overlooked streets under our feet and quiet interior shots, all tempered by splashes of bright light that punctuate an otherwise darkened palette. The affect is a sense of stillness and languidity that transpires throughout his body of work, whether he is shooting for Vogue or for National Geographic.

Born in 1964, Matthias studied at the Bayerische Lehranstalt für Fotografie. Today he is based in Munich and works everywhere.

Matthias works for renowned publications such as STERN, SPIEGEL, Die ZEIT, SZ Magazin, Geo, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Greenpeace, GQ USA, etc.
His commissioned photography includes clients such as Bayerische Staatsforsten, Strellson Fashion, Fresenius Medical Care, Deutsche Bank, Egon Zehnder International, Ernst & Young & Thyssen Krupp.