Anje Jager

With a love of portraiture that diversifies into architecture, fashion, food and beyond, illustrator Anje Jager effortlessly merges realism with artistic sensitivity. Her work has a powerful presence thanks to her ability to delicately render faces through simple black lines and floating watercolours. Her portraits are finely detailed with unwavering steady expressions, as she subtly yet expertly captures the nuances of a face and personality.
Jager’s aptitude for depicting powerful female icons is offset by soft dewy watercolours – an effect that manages to be both empowering and soothing. Based in Berlin and originally from the Netherlands, Jager spent years working as a graphic designer and art director, before turning back to her first love of drawing and painting.

Today she works for clients including And the Friet (Japan), Banana Republic, Monocle, Harper’s Bazaar, Greenpeace, and Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin among others.